J.J. Pickle Early College Prep

Enrollment Information

Parents can go to "http://www.austinisd.org/" and create a Parent Cloud account. If parent is unable to complete registration online, they can call Lina Rivas-Carrizales at 512-537-3684 and or email me at lina.rivas-carrizales@austinisd.org and will help with the process.

The following documents are needed for registration:

-Birth Certificate

-Social Security Card

-Proof of Income (PK applicants)

-Proof of Address

-Parent ID

-Immunization Records

-and any custody orders

All documents can be sent out to my email address or send a picture via text message. Once I receive documentation, then I can enroll the student.

Please provide my info for questions on enrollment, withdrawals, letters of verification and Parent Cloud. I have now helped parents get there UN and PW without calling the Parent Cloud number!